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  • USB-controlled mains switch equipped with german Schuko mains plug and socket
  • Switches 230V / 3 A, max 700 W using electronic relais
  • Absolutely noise-free switching
  • Wearless
  • Energy-efficient
  • Multiple USB-Switches at a single PC controlled by the serial number
  • The control software ClewareControl for timed switching, USBswitch with a graphical user interface and USBswitchCmd for switching in scripts and batches
  • No driver installation needed with Windows® x86/x64 variants.
    (® Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.)
  • API - Application Program Interface for easy integration in user applikations
  • Linux support available.
  • Use with LabView® possible
  • RoHS, CE & EN60950 conform / IP20
  • About 50 mA power consumption when turned on
  • Dimension about 96 x 63 x 87 mm 
  • USB cable length see cable length option
  • For indoor use only
  • 2 years warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • Python and C++ programming samples
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  • Product data sheet

The "USB switch" mains switch enables devices with a 230V connection to be switched on and off by the PC. An electronic relay is used here that enables absolutely wearless switching. The device is also completely noiseless and very energy-efficient.

A Schuko plug is located at the bottom of the housing, with which the switch is connected to the mains. A Schuko socket is embedded in the cover, into which the load to be switched is plugged. There is also an LED that lights up green when the switch is switched on, otherwise the LED lights up red. The LED only becomes active when the switch has been activated by an application on the PC. Otherwise, the LED remains dark and the switch is switched off.

The switch may only be operated indoors and must be protected from moisture. The permissible temperature range for operating the sensor is between 10° and 60° Celsius.

Approx. 32 switches can be connected to a PC simultaneously using USB hubs. The hubs used require their own power supply.

The switch can also be used as a timer with different repetition intervals using the ClewareControl software. In addition to the start and end times, time intervals or days of the week can also be selected as switching criteria.

ClewareControl can also be used to implement controls, e.g. the USB-Temp temperature sensor can control the USB-Switch mains switch. This allows very clear warning signals to be given when temperatures are exceeded or not reached. It can also be used to precisely control the temperature of a heater or freezer.

The USB switch can also be queried and switched via the network using ClewareControl. The connection is made via the TCP/IP protocol. Via the network, the switch appears in ClewareControl as a local device and can be operated from here in the same way. Of course, several devices can be controlled simultaneously on one or more PCs.

In addition, the USBswitch software with a graphical user interface and USBswitchCMD for switching by command call are available for control. The software runs under the most common Windows® operating systems with USB support. (® Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.) A program interface and a simple sample application are available for Linux.

A special feature is the fact that drivers do not have to be installed for any of the Cleware USB devices. The existing USB drivers are sufficient. This maintains system stability.

Furthermore, an interface USBaccess (API) is provided, by means of which the switches can be controlled by other programs. The interface consists of a series of very simple functions for switching and reading the switches. The complex control of the USB interface is handled entirely within the API.

Each switch has a unique serial number. This means that the switch can always be identified, regardless of which internal assignments are made in the program. The plug-in sequence in the USB HUB is also irrelevant.

The USB-Switch can also be configured so that it turns on automatically at system startup without logging in or sending a command. The tool USBswitchCMD will activate the "Auto-On" function in the USB-Switch.
The command
    USBswitchCMD -m 2
turns the PowerOn mode on and
    USBswitchCMD -m 1
deactivates this mode and returns the USB-Switch to its default state.

Please note:
PC programs can be faulty or influenced by third-party programs. Never use the USB switch to switch devices that could cause damage if switched unexpectedly! It is strictly forbidden to use the switch if people could be injured if the device fails.


Additional product information

USB cable length ca. 2 m
Relais type Closing
Relais type Electronic Relais

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