We prepared some software available free of charge for use with our devices. It is available for Download. To safe our environment we do no longer add CDs to the delivery. If you want the get CDs, please order the appropriate number of CDs here.

For testing porpose feel free to download and istall aur software. There are some simulators available in the package for testing without having inserted our devices. The software package include the followong parts:

  • ClewareControl: A graphic tool to display and control our devices
  • USBSwitch: A small user interface to out switching and lightning devices
  • USBSwitchCMD: A command line tool for the switching and ligthing devices to control them from other software or in batch programs
  • USBtemp: Command line tool to get temperature or humidity
  • USBaccess.DLL: Integration in your software is easy using our simple DLL. It is written in C++, but also works with C# and C
  • Linux: Control of our devices with modern Linux variants, tested with Ubuntu, full source code available Software Development has developed a solution for MacOS X. You will find the BETA-software here


external software providers


A great example for the easy combination of Cleware sensors with an external monitoring software is the connection to ServerSentinel developed by the JAM Software GmbH. ServerSentinel offers versatile hardware and software monitoring and works reliably with a range of Cleware sensors.

van Heusden Software Development
Further example for connecting Cleware products with extern monitoring-software you will get at van Heusden Software Development. Its also a extensiv and reliable solution.


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