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What makes us special:


Clever USB solutions!
Cleware GmbH develops and manufactures USB products in Germany. Our special service is: we create customer solutions on demand. Please ask for a quote!

Cleware GmbH
Am Lornsenpark 31
D-24837 Schleswig
Tel.: +49 4621 / 3060763


We ship our products worldwide! Also, by express and customer account UPS, FedEx , etc..


We offer:


All devices of Cleware GmbH have a warranty of 4 years! If there are any problems within this time and it is not possible to repair it, we will send you a replacement unit. Our software is available for free in our download area .


Our Products:


The products of Cleware GmbH do not require installing drivers, so the system stability is not involved. Our products are designed to monitored or control technical situations . The data can be displayed and monitored by our software ClewareControl. So you can control the situation, " do something if ...". There are lots of possibilities e.g. starting an Alarm , sending SMS or e-mails, starting or shutdown of USB devices, shutdown or reboot a system, and many more. A visual or audible indicator like our traffic lights or our extremely loud USB alarm is also possible.
For further questions please contact us at info@cleware.de