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Button 1

Are the USB Buttons able to send a keyboard stroke to the PC?

Button 2

Can a program be started by pressing a button or triggering a contact?
Is this also possible if the measured values of a sensor exceed a certain value?

General 1

Download problems

General 2

MFC140 error

General 3

Which OS are supported

General 4

Can several Cleware USB devices be operated simultaneously on one PC?
How can multiple devices be identified and controlled savely?

ClewareControl 1

ClewareControl running as a service

ClewareControl 2

Device control by setting registry values

ClewareControl 3

"Service Manager Error 5" showed up

ClewareControl 4

Problems removing ClewareService

ClewareControl 5

How to move ClewareControl settings and actions

ClewareControl 6

Problems sending emails

USB-Temp 1

Storing sensor values in files