Please note: The Cleware USB devices will operate without installing a driver.
The already existing USB drivers are sufficient. The installation of the software
will not decrease the systems stability!

Full Software + manuals Typ
Cleware Software + Doku Version 5.1.2
Procedure: Download, unzip to your wanted directory.
Programs can be used directly
Single Software Typ
ClewareControl 5.1.2 zip
USBswitch zip
USBswitchCMD 5.0.1 zip
USBampel zip
USBtemp zip
CalmWatchdog zip
USBsimulator zip
Software Version 6.0.1 for Ubuntu zip
A tool to manage the Cleware devices under Linux
More Information here:
(Autor: Folkert van Heusden)
Cleware Software to config USB Counter zip
Mailsend1.17b14 zip
Blat 3.2.3 zip
Documentations Typ
Cleware devices documentation pdf
Cleware software documentation pdf
Cleware Windows USB Simulator documentation pdf
Cleware Windows API documentation pdf
Linux documentation 3.1.3 pdf
Instructions SSL E-mail sending using mailsend 1.17b14 pdf
Manual guide to fix error missing mfc140.dll txt
Samples Typ
An easy sample for USB Temp, USB Switch and USB-IO16 unsing C# zip
Visual Basic sample zip
VB sample for direct access USBaccess.dll
(Author: Roland Berghöfer /
LabView examples
Various versions USBaccess Typ
USBaccess 4.3.4 64-bit zip
USBaccess 4.3.6 XP zip
USBaccess 6.0.1 Ubuntu zip
USBaccess V3.1.3 with Delphi zip
USBaccess Version 4.0.7 zip

For integration into own programs

USBaccess Version 5.1.2 zip
USBaccess 64-bit Version 5.1.2 zip