About us

What makes us special:

Clever USB solutions!
Cleware GmbH develops and manufactures USB products in Germany. Our special service is: we can implement customer requests quickly and inexpensively. We will provide a quote for your request! You can reach us at:


Cleware GmbH
Nedderend 3
24876 Hollingstedt
Tel.: +49 4627/ 18 98 08
Fax.: +49 4627/ 18 98 09


We ship our products worldwide! Also, by express and customer account UPS, FedEx , etc..

We offer:

All devices of Cleware GmbH have a warranty of 4 years! If there are any problems within this time and it is not possible to repair it, we will send you a replacement unit. After consultation, we also offer test equipment - so you can advance to introduce our products. Our current software is always available for free in our download area .

Our Products:

The products of Cleware GmbH do not require its own drivers, so the system stability is not compromised. Our products offers ideal components if you want something technic or visual monitored or controlled . With our software ClewareControl the incoming data can be displayed and monitored. So you can control the situation, " what happens if ...". There are lots of possibilities like, starting an Alarm , sending SMS or e-mails, starting or shutdown of USB devices, flow separation, shutdown or reboot a system , and more - there are scarcely any limits for your wishes. Also, a visual or audible indicator with the help of our traffic lights or our extremely loud USB alarm is possible.
For further questions please contact us at order@cleware.net

Where we are already used:

Products of Cleware GmbH are mainly used for monitoring and controling. You can now find our products worldwide in large software companies, supermarkets and many private homes, to control light or audio equipment or even aquariums. Furthermore, companies, banks or government agencies, large offices or warehouses use Cleware products for server monitoring, optical display incoming emails, Lagerfüllständen, alarms, etc. In kindergarten our USB table lights is very often used, either for a period display visible or as permission play for soft, normal volume, or rage. Another large group of our customers are hobbyists, eg in model .. sure we have also something suitable for your ideas!
Please contact us at order@cleware.net